No One can enter into the Kingdom unless...

There is a child dancing

There is a dawn,
red with the morning sky
delighting the eye.
I see a meadow, green
with new grasses
and a blue sky
bluer than I
have known before.

The grasses are vibrantly green
and the trees are alive
with steadiness, sighing
yea, singing in the breezes,
while birds full throated song pleases.

I see sheep grazing
in small clusters, here--
and there--
and a child singing,
--a shepherd child, as he walks
and runs amid the glory
and wonder of this place.

He rejoices
in his tasks--his labor,
and all of the meadow
rejoices as it responds
to the child’s joy and his songs.

The prophetic mantle is upon me to speak to my servant Earl Allen.

You have pleased me by your willingness so long ago to begin the process of becoming a child,
that you might enter into the Father’s Kingdom. For you have been trusting, like a child; you
have held up your hand unto God as your Father that you might be led.

You have learned how to have joy in the learning of truth -- in having joy in the fellowship of
fellow servants, in your eagerness to share with others your excitement about the gospel.
You have given, as a child gives, the precious things of your life into the watchcare of your God,
as a child confidently gives his precious things into the watchcare of his parents. Thus, you have
even given your precious son to me.

I have given my precious son to thee. You have become his friend. And you love Him. And this
brings Me joy. I am pleased by your obedience to ordinances, which you have obeyed in all your
life, and I shall anoint thy tongue, so that the word of your testimony of my son:

Shall be full of light,
Shall be for the healing of others.
Shall be for power,
yea, even the sharp
two edged power of my Spirit.

When thou art endowed with prophetic unction, speak my words more slowly and deliberately,
that all may hear and be judged. Do not be overly concerned about how my work is done by
others, but concern yourself with sharing your testimony of Jesus. Even as your spirit asks,
“Have I done well?”

I say unto thee, Earl, “
Child thou hast done well!”
And therefore,
I have set you to be
as a spiritual father to many
because you have learned the way
to be a child of the Kingdom.
Your testimony of my Son
shall release the light of His love,
to drive every shadow of darkness away
from the lives of those
to whom you lift your voice,
speaking with anointed power,
that their countenances
shall also shine with Holy Light,
that the temple of their spirit
which is their body shall shine,
yea, blessed with the ‘Shekinah’.

To the assembled priesthood:

There is a millenial dawn,
with a red morning sky,
delighting the eye.
I see a meadow’s sheen
beyond all that I have known before
for the grasses here are green
with vibrancy
The trees singing
in the breezes
are alive in greenness.

I see sheep grazing
in small groups, some here
some there.
And working amid and among,
there is a small child singing.
He is rejoicing in his labors,
and all creation responds
to his songs.
And all creation rejoices...

And I see the child
Behold, I know this child...
He is you -- each of you.

n. simmons

Copy Right 2006 -- All Rights Reserved