Walls of Pride and Walls of Sin
Walls that Keep Out are Walls that Keep In

Robert Frost noticed a law
when he truly saw
something there is
that doesn’t love a wall.

Though men are fierce to build them,
time spills the upper stone
down -- leaving each one
at last separated, alone.

said it of the Temple
in Jerusalem long ago
and the Prophecy fulfilling fall
should be an example
of the futility of wall.

we continue building
our wall--tall and stout
not having learned that
what we specifically seal out
makes up a prison within:
Just ask the children of Berlin.
Racism, Communism, Hedonism,
and even Humanism --
are Wall
designed for schism.

the chagrin!
When Jericho-like, the wall
comes down a tumble
in broken rubble
broken men, all
shattered into a jumble.

doggedly defiant
the human nation
ignores the gravity
of their situation
assuming the theory
of the self-reliant,
and prudent protection,
raids the rubble anew
for stone to stack
into new separations
between me and you.

can it be
that walls are built
inside of family?

Or most egregiously--
proclaimed sanctimoniously
within the Household of Faith?
hostile and hurting
we stack our tenets stone upon stone
at ferocious speed, walling out
supposed traitors round about,
and Thankful to Almighty God--
walling ourselves in.
We are heedless of that law:
“Something there is that
doesn’t love a wall”.

the frantic labors done--
our proud walls--erect in sin,
shall like snow collapse
in a summer sun--

--leaving us bewildered by their ruin
but strangely free again--Perhaps
to yet become one.

n. simmons

Copy Right 2006 -- All Rights Reserved