Gary Whiting - President of Presidents
Gary R. Whiting was born in Omaha, Nebraska to parents who loved the Lord Jesus Christ and the restored gospel. His father, ordained a Seventy in 1962, served as an appointee minister for eight years. During those years, the family moved often, as assignments changed, and Gary learned to love the gospel and the people of the Restoration. His opportunity to travel and meet the Saints continued during six years in the U. S. Navy. While stationed in San Diego, he met and married his wife, Sandy, in Chula Vista, CA in 1978. They have two children, Jill and Brad. He was ordained an Aaronic Priest in 1974, an Elder in 1985 and a Seventy on April 11, 2009. He has served as the Presiding Elder of Zion’s Outpost Restoration Branch in Wichita, KS for almost 20 years. He is the Vice President of the Joint Conference of Restoration Branches. He is editor of The Latter Day Saints’ Beacon and The Saints’ Observer, publications of the JCRB. He is employed as a physician assistant in an interventional cardiology practice in Wichita, Kansas.

Ron Smith - President
Ron Smith is the second son of Seventy Delbert and Mildred Smith, who were faithful servants for many years under appointment with the R.L.D.S. Church. Mildred wrote books about their famiIy's experiences as a missionary family, as well as other books on nutrition and history. Ron was privileged to travel and serve with his father as a young man. Since his own ordination to Seventy in 1982, Ron has gone on missionary journeys to Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Liberia, Nepal, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, the Navaho Nation, and the United States. He plays the guitar and sings whenever he gets the chance. Ron and his wife Di live in Lamoni, Iowa, where they both teach at Graceland University. Ron teaches mathematics and Di teaches English as a second language. They have two grown sons, Ammon and Lehi, and one granddaughter, Cede.

Frank Frye - President
Frank was born to Dean and Marian Frye in Independence, Missouri and grew up on a farm in Buckner, Missouri.  He and his wife Patti have three children and one grandson.  At age 18 he made his first trip to Mexico to learn about the Book of Mormon lands and people and has traveled extensively in Latin America nearly every year since then. University studies include Spanish, Chemistry, Education and Vocational Education.  He has taught school for twenty years in the area of the sciences, including Chemistry and Commercial Photography. Frank was ordained a Priest in 1967, Elder in 1971 and a Seventy in 1976.  He has given ministry in Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Cuba, Wales, England, and Nepal.  He was one of the three ministers to first go to Nepal to open the work of the Restoration there.  He and another minister also baptized the first Saints in Cuba.  Frank enjoys developing written and audiovisual materials to teach the Gospel as well as nutrition.  He and his wife Patti have been giving ministry and living in Oaxaca, Mexico since 1996.

Steve DeVera - President
Steve was born in September 1947 to Steve and Beatrice De Vera in Monterey, California. He graduated from high school in 1965 from Fresno High in Fresno, California, after which he served in the United States Navy for six and a half years.   Steve married Karen (Ryhal) De Vera in 1967, and they have two children - Shelly and Stephen Jr., and six grandchildren - Dylan, Sarah, Taylor, Daniel, Haley, and Hannah.  Steve and Karen currently live in Sibley, Missouri. In 1972 Steve was converted to Jesus Christ and was baptized a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He was later ordained a priest in 1974, an elder in 1978, and a seventy in 1982.  As a seventy Steve has ministered in England, Wales, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Taiwan, as well as many of the continental United Sates. Steve is an avid motorcyclist and is currently the director of the American Legion Riders group of Post 21 in Independence, Missouri.

Randy Vick - President
Randy Vick is the son of the late Adrien and Leona Mauzey Vick. He was baptized in 1960 in the Holden (MO) RLDS congregation. Graduating from high school in 1969, Randy immediately entered the U.S. Navy where he served for four years. In 1974, Randy married Donette Dandurand and they have three grown children; son Adrien (and Jenni) Vick, daughter Nicole (and Byron) Smarr and son Tony Vick, and two grandchildren, Austin Vick and Brooklynn Smarr. He was ordained to the office of Priest in 1980 in the Chilhowee (MO) RLDS Congregation and to the office of Elder in 2000 in the Warrensburg (MO) Restoration Branch. Randy is a career law enforcement officer having served in city, county, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies. In recent years Randy has served lengthy tours of duty in Kosovo, Liberia and Sudan in U.S. State Department and United Nations peacekeeping programs. Prior to being deployed to Kosovo Randy served as Charter President of Restoration Campus Ministries, Inc. at the University of Central Missouri, in Warrensburg. Before being deployed to Liberia, he served as pastor of the Knob Noster (MO) Restoration Branch and President of the Central Missouri Restoration Branch pastors. Randy and Donette live in Centerview, Missouri.

William Leutzinger - President
William was admitted into this world in 1963 by way of the RLDS Sanitarium in Independence, MO. His mother Mary raised him with the help of four older siblings, while his father Rudolph protected him from those same four older siblings. A joyful childhood in the “land of Zion”, he was blessed with a best friend for a twin brother. During his first year away at college he met Cynthia Silver, and four years later they said “I do” at the RLDS church in Lamoni, IA. God blessed their marriage with four happy children; William Jr., Brittany, Brigit, & Wyatt. During high school William received his first priesthood call and has served since then in the offices of Deacon (1980), Priest (1988), Elder (1993), and now Seventy (2008). During these years he has had the pleasure of bearing testimony of Jesus Christ throughout the United States, Toronto, Switzerland, Nepal, and recently Nigeria. William is the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at the University of Missouri-KC holding degrees in Mathematics and Engineering.

Ronald L. Johnson, Jr. - President
Ron Johnson is the son of Ronald, Sr. and Joan Johnson. He was born in 1962 and raised in Independence, MO. Ron’s Christian ethic was groomed at St. Paul’s African Methodist Episcopal Church in Independence. He was introduced to the Restoration Gospel in his late teens and, finding its doctrine to be aligned with the word of God, was baptized into the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in November 1980. He was joined in marriage with the former Sherri G. De Selms in 1984. They have two lovely children: Grace Elizabeth and Caleb Ephraim Johnson. Ron has a B.S. Degree in Psychology with Rehabilitation Emphasis from Central Missouri State University, 1990. He is an American Board Credentialed Prosthetist, and has been employed in this career since 1994. Ron was ordained to the office of Priest in 1997 and to the office of Elder in 2001 at Dallas Restoration Branch, TX. He was set apart as a Seventy in 2009 at the April General Conference in Independence, MO. He has served as a Branch Assistant Pastor in Texas and Michigan. He and his family currently reside in DeWitt, Michigan and attend the St. Johns Church of Christ Restoration Branch. He is committed to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these last days as one of the Lord’s especial witnesses.

Neil Simmons
Neil Simmons is the son of Wayne and Verneil Simmons.  Although born in Cameron, Missouri, Neil moved to Aruba, West Indies at the age of two and then to Costa Rica where he was baptized at the age of eight.  As Neil grew up his father became an appointee Seventy and later a President of a quorum of Seventy.  Neil was ordained a Deacon in 1956; a Priest in 1959; and Elder in 1964; and a Seventy in 1968.  He served seven years under appointment in Los Angles and Mexico.  In 1974 Neil resigned appointment to work in the business world.  In 1986 he returned to teaching and continued this until retiring in 2004.  Neil has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Social Science, a Masters in Theology-Philosophy, and a Masters in Linguistics.  Neil has served in missions to Mexico, Belize, Cuba, Honduras, Kenya, and the United States.

George Thomas
George Thomas came in contact with the Restoration Gospel at age 15, in Escondido, California and was baptized soon thereafter.  He enrolled at Graceland College in 1958 where he met, the former Jeanette Quick of Oak Grove, Missouri.  They were married in 1961. Their union has been blessed with four children--Raylene, Greg, Don, John--and twelve grandchildren. George was ordained a Priest in 1963 in Waco, Texas and in 1964 ordained an Elder in Pearl City, Hawaii while serving in the United States Army. George was ordained to the office of Seventy in 1989 while residing in Sedalia, Missouri.  As a Seventy George has brought ministry on six of the seven continents.  His emphasis of ministry in recent years has been in the domestic United States and Canada, especially to the first nation peoples (Indians).  George and Jeanette currently reside in Oak Grove, Missouri.

George Knotts
George Knotts has been a Seventy since 1966.  Over the years he has served in Iowa, Oklahoma and Missouri.  He is now retired with his wife Beth in Lamoni, Iowa.  Beth and George have three sons, twin daughters, and five grandchildren.  George has a cartoon ministry "art for goodness sake."  George directed the Graphic Art Center in Oklahoma State University for five years.  He also cartoons for the Graceland Tower.  His cartoon ministry extends around the world on the Internet.  If you type his name into google and hit enter you will see George (cartoon) Knotts, which has about 200 serious cartoons and a faith building program.  Ron Smith introduced George's cartoons to the web and there is still a link to Ron's site, which has even more cartoons on it. George started the Restoration Tract Society.  He has been told that he has the gift of making complicated subjects simple and has created several tracts and support sheets to help people witness of Jesus Christ.

Richard Smith
Richard Smith was approved to serve in the office of Seventy at the April 2008 General Conference, and was ordained at the October 2008 U.S. National Conference at the age of seventy-seven. For many years, however, he ministered in this capacity as a traveling Elder. Richard has served in England, Wales, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Canada, and the United States. He was born on May 30, 1931 and married Remmona C. (Kettner) Smith in 1949. Richard and Remmona met while attending Graceland College and have had five children -- Nancy Ann Baker, Debra Sue Harper, Donna Elaine Parker, Alisa Kay Williams, and Justin R. Smith. Richard was ordained to the office of Deacon in 1945, Priest in 1948, and Elder in 1959. Richard believes that the Lord has extended his life so that he could share in further service as an ordained Seventy in His Church.

Mark Deitrick
Mark was ordained to the office of Seventy on October 18th during the 2008 U.S. National Conference.  Prior to this, he served as an Elder for twenty-three years, crisscrossing the United States from coast to coast sharing the Gospel in thirteen states. He also assisted in the work in Canada and traveled on a mission to three countries in Africa.  For many years Mark has been working for reconciliation and unity among the Saints, and refuses to be discouraged in this continued effort.  He has a strong testimony of the love and mercy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and of the truth of the Restoration Gospel.  Mark credits the love and prayers of his faithful wife, Lora, for leading him to repentance and into a true covenant relationship with the Christ.  He has been married to Lora since 1974 and they have been blessed with a son, two daughters, their spouses, and three grandsons.

Richard Smith
Richard Smith was approved to serve in the office of Seventy at the April 2008 General Conference, and was ordained at the October 2008 U.S. National Conference at the age of seventy-seven. For many years, however, he ministered in this capacity as a traveling Elder. Richard has served in England, Wales, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Canada, and the United States. He was born on May 30, 1931 and married Remmona C. (Kettner) Smith in 1949. Richard and Remmona met while attending Graceland College and have had five children -- Nancy Ann Baker, Debra Sue Harper, Donna Elaine Parker, Alisa Kay Williams, and Justin R. Smith. Richard was ordained to the office of Deacon in 1945, Priest in 1948, and Elder in 1959. Richard believes that the Lord has extended his life so that he could share in further service as an ordained Seventy in His Church.

Joseph Essary
Joe Essary is a convert to the Church. He was led to the church through the efforts of a lot of prayer by his wife Pat and many of the Long Beach California congregation. Pat’s family has a long history in the church going back to her great-great grandfather Lyman Wight. Joe joined the church in 1984 and was called to Priest in 1985. Over the years he traveled the Southwest states to help set up Restoration Branches and to minister to scattered saints. Joe was called to the office of Elder in the San Bernardino Restoration Branch in 1991 and has served as pastor of the El Cajon Restoration Branch since 2004.  Joe and Pat have three children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. They live in the San Bernardino Mountains above the City of San Bernardino in Southern California. They both look forward to serving the Lord in new missionary fields with Joe's ordination to the office of Seventy at the U.S. National Conference in October 2008.

Greg Thomas
Greg was born the oldest son to George and Jeanette Thomas. He was raised with a missionary focus, baptized at the age of eight in 1973, and learned to share Jesus’ love with others at a young age. A native of Missouri, he was educated at Graceland, Central Missouri State, and California Coast universities. The Lord has used his career with the U.S. Government to facilitate moves to share the Gospel in St. Louis, Mo., Washington, D.C., seven years in the Republic of Panama and currently the southeastern United States. Prior to his call to the office of Seventy in 2008, his previous priesthood service included calls to the office of Deacon (Sedalia, Mo., 1983), and Elder (Panama City, Republic of Panama, 1994). In 1986 he married the former Janine Gramblin of Stover, Missouri, a convert to the Gospel. They have been blessed with four children: Ammon; Aaron; AnaMaria; and Abram. Together, the Thomas family has traveled to bring ministry in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Canada, and the United States. They currently reside near Huntsville, in northern Alabama and attend the Dixie Branch.

Hensley Mbanaso
From my teenage years my whole soul was flooded with the desire to serve God and mankind. I was baptized on December 12, 1976 unto Jesus Christ as a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in spite of persecution from my family. In 1985 I almost died from an illness and heard the Lord say, "Son you shall not die, but live to declare my words." This became formalized when I was ordained to the office of Teacher on August 23, 1980; Priest on August 6, 1988; and Elder on April 27, 1993. I now look forward to serving in the office of Seventy to better fulfill the Lord's words spoken to me many years ago. I am assisted by my wife, Gloria (Akoma) Mbanaso, who joined me in holy matrimony on December 3, 1993.

Arturo Gomez
Arturo was born May 31, 1965 in Choluteca, Honduras. He now lives in Corozal Town, Belize with his wife Jesusita Evarista (Chi) Gomez. They were married in Belize on October 20, 1985 and have been blessed with six children -- Noe Alfredo, Virgilio Natanael, Abinadi Oliverio, Delmy Eugenia, Ismael Mosias, and Ammon Ezequiel. Arturo was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ on July 1, 1990 and was ordained to the office of Elder on the same day. As a traveling Elder Atruro provided ministry in many countries including Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, United States, Canada, Nepal, and Cuba. Arturo was one of the three ministers to first go to Nepal to open the work of the Restoration there. His call to the office of Seventy was approved at the April 2008 General Conference, and he was ordained at the U.S. National Conference in October 2008.

Tim Canfield
Tim Canfield, born January 1, 1964, lives in Independence, Missouri and attends Zarahemla Restoration Branch with his wife Kelly Lynn. Tim and Kelly were married on March 23, 1984 and have been blessed with three children -- Jenna, Alyssa, and Andrew. At the April 2008 General Conference Tim was called to the office of Seventy and was ordained at the October 2008 US National Conference. Tim is an avid reader of the scripture. In 2007 he read through all three standard books five times and is on pace for six times in 2008. Tim has served in the office of Priest, ordained September 11, 1995, and the office of Elder, ordained November 10, 2002. He looks forward to greater service in this new calling of Seventy.

Rex Curtis, Jr.
Rex is the youngest of three children born to Rex and Jane Curtis.  He and sisters Janan Lasley and Marla McClure were born in San Diego California. While growing up, Rex enjoyed accompanying  his father on priesthood visits and cottage meetings, where he ran the projector and listened to the gospel story.  The Curtis family has served in the church since the Kirtland days.  Rex's great, great uncle, J.F. Curtis, served under Joseph Smith III as Apostle, and J.D. Curtis, served as a  Seventy.  Rex met and married his true love, Penny, in 1995.  Penny also has a long family history in the church.  Her great aunt, Audentia Anderson – along with Vida Smith - wrote, "The Old, Old Path" a well-loved hymn of the restoration. Rex and Penny have 3 daughters - Becky, Jessica and Michelle.   They own Pure Water Oasis, Inc., a water purification business in Independence, Missouri. In 1978 Rex was ordained a Deacon at the El Cajon (California) branch of the RLDS.  He was later ordained a Priest (1994) and then an Elder (1999).  He served as a pastor from 2001 through 2003.  Rex has offered ministry within the United States in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Ohio, Kansas and Missouri.

Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson was born on November 4, 1941 to Elder William Wilson and his wife Marguerite. He was baptized by his grandfather Elder/Evangelist-Patriarch Newman Wilson in August 1950. Serving in the Maine District of the R.L.D.S. Church as a deacon (1958), a priest (1973), and an Elder (1978), he sought to do God's word and will, including serving as Pastor for fourteen years in the Restoration. As a descendant of staunch latter day saints, he holds a firm commitment to the missionary work of the Restoration. His wife, Paula, was baptized in to the R.L.D.S. Church in 1960. Married in 2003, the couple shares five children and three grandsons. Gary holds a B.S. Degree in Education from the University of Maine and is a retired teacher and self-employed painter. Paula holds a B.S. Degree with majors in English and Social Studies. She currently teaches English 9-12. Together, they are commited to the restoration work in this last dispensation of time.

Richard Kohn
Rick, the youngest son of Edward and Patricia Kohn, resided in Chicago, IL until 1965 when he joined the U.S. Marine Corp to be an aviator.  He was unexpectedly discharged due to hearing loss and, instead, has had a successful career in financial services. Presently he is a Vice President and Managing Director at First Union Rail Corporation, an indirect subsidiary of Wachovia Bank, NA. He holds a BS from Illinois State University, an MBA from the Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management, and he studied law at Gonzaga University. Rick and his lovely wife, Linda, currently reside in Inverness, IL and have been actively engaged in philanthropic endeavours at a national level. While living, studying and working in five states, Rick spent nearly forty years away from the RLDS Church. He is now a vibrant example that “GOD is calling his men back from all walks of life.”  He was ordained to the offices of Elder and Seventy on August 24th and October 18th in 2008, respectively.  Through his life experiences the Lord has uniquely prepared him to find those “men and women lying in the weeds” who are waiting to be shown the path by which to return to the Lord's flock.  Rick's personal mission as a Seventy is to, 'Heed the call. Find MY scattered sheep!'.

Robert Moore
Bob Moore is the eldest son of Phil and Lois Moore.  Before his death, his dad held the record, along with another, for the longest service in the office of Seventy.  As soon as Bob was baptized, he helped his father hold cottage meetings by running the projecter showing the "Go Ye and Teach" slides.  Bob was ordained an elder in 1970 and helped found a new branch of the church in eastern Kansas, where he served as pastor from 1974 until 1983.  In 1984, he and his wife Jill, along with their children Kelley and Craig, gathered to Independence.  Bob served as pastor of the Zarahemla Branch in Blue Springs from its founding in 1998 until January 1, 2009. At the April 2009 General Conference Bob was set apart to serve in the office of Seventy.

Patrick McKay, Sr.
Patrick is the youngest son of Bonnie and Gene McKay.  He was baptized at the age of eleven and has always been associated with the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He attended Graceland College and graduated in 1976 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health and Physical Education with a teaching certificate.  He was ordained to the office of Priest in 1978.  In 1979 he married his wife Joy (Andrews) McKay.  They have two sons, Patrick II and Joshua and his wife Danielle. He was ordained to the office of Elder in 1986 and set apart as a Seventy at the April 2009 General Conference.  Patrick has preached the gospel in ten states and in Nepal. He has published several articles and pamphlets promoting the angel message. He has served as a branch president and a counselor in a district.   He is a retired letter carrier for the USPS.  Patrick looks forward to bearing an especial witness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

James (Jim) P. McKay, Sr.
Jim is the second son of Gene and Bonnie McKay. Jim was born in Portland, Oregon on January 28, 1951. The family moved to Northern California, where Jim was baptized on January 29, 1961 in the San Jose Congregation of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jim was always active in sports and graduated from Fremont High School in 1969. He completed a two year Associate of Arts Degree in Education at De Anza Jr. College in Cupertino, California before spending a semester at San Jose State University. Jim transferred to Graceland College where he graduated in 1974 with a B.A. Degree in Health and Physical Education. Jim is the father of three children, James, Micah and wife Alisha (who are presently in the U.S. Peace Corps, assigned to Chota, Peru) and Rachel. After teaching and coaching for a few years, Jim began a 27-year career with the United Stated Postal Service. He worked as both a craft employee and finally spending 16 years in management. Jim left the Postal Service in December of 2004 to be freed up to spend time in the missionary field. Jim still enjoys substitute teaching when not assigned to specific missionary assignments. He was first ordained a Priest in 1978 while a member of the Enoch Hill Congregation and an Elder in 1986 while a member of the Independence Branch. He was ordained to the Seventy at the April 2009 General Conference. As a Traveling Elder, Jim ministered in 14 different states, from the Southwest to the Southeast and throughout the middle portion of the United States. He has also traveled abroad and ministered in the nations of Liberia, Kenya and Tanzania. He looks forward to bearing the Especial Witness of Jesus Christ, wherever the Lord sends him.

Ananda Rao
Ananda was introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ in a very miraculous way as a young man. He grew up in a small village in India where his father was a milk man among people who were predominantly Hindu. He converted to Jesus Christ because of the testimony of a minister to whom he delivered milk. Thus, he burnt the idol gods in his home in the community burn pile; but, when someone discovered that this had been done they caused an uproar in the village, such, that Ananada's father was taken to be kill. Yet, the Lord would not let this be done; when the ax was brought down forcefully upon his neck it was like hitting concrete and the villagers, instead, fled in fear of such a thing and left his family alone thereafter. Ananada, later as a young Priest, walked throughout villages in India preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ baptizing many. Eventually in the 1970's he was ordained as a Seventy in the RLDS Church; then in 2010 he joined the Restoration Seventy.

Avilio Herrera
Brother Avilio Herrera was born August 6, 1975 in Quiche, Guatemala to Esperanza Garcia. In 1998 he moved to Belize and was converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ in 2000. On December 24th, 2000 he was baptized and then ordained to the office of elder on January 28, 2001. Avilio married Vidalia Pineda on June 15, 2001 and they have three step children—Heidi & Kendi Moreno, and Gabriela Pineda—and two from their own marriage—Darwin David and Leilani Adeli Herrera. Avilio’s call to missionary work was shown in different dreams and revelations given by the Lord in 2007, 2008, and 2009. He has dedicated his time to help in the missionary work in Guatemala and Belize. Avilio’a desire is to go into all nations to be a witness of the Lord Jesus Christ, preaching and teaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Aric Turner
Aric Turner was born in 1961 in Corpus Christi, Texas; grew up in Lakewood, Colorado; and currently lives in Garland, Texas. While attending Texas A&M University he met Lorrie Koehler; they married in 1982, and now have two sons, Aric, and Travis. Aric holds a BS Degree in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA Degree in Information Systems. He was baptized as a convert on February 2, 2000, by his father-in-law, Elder C.C. Koehler, at the Dallas Restoration Branch. Aric was ordained to Teacher in January 2003, an Elder in May 2008, and a Seventy in April 2010. He became very interested in the Book of Mormon; and since 2004 has published a number of detailed maps and books of the Book of Mormon geography. Aric enjoys spreading the Gospel as he travels around the U.S.

Dan Norman
Dan Alan Norman is the second born son of the late Eldon and Virginia Norman. His family has been a part of the Reorganized church since the mid 1860’s. His great grandfather was a missionary for the church. He and his family reside in Bates City, Mo and they are currently attending Church at the Belton Restoration Branch. He has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Management from DeVry University. He was ordained a Deacon in 1978, a Priest in 1997 and later to the office of Elder. He married his wife Ruthanne Miller from Santa Ana, California; in 1994. Her family also has a long history in the Reorganized church. They are a blended family of 5 children and 9 grandchildren. They have two children, Kyle and Hailey still at home. He served as president of a mission board supporting the work in Latin America for the last 11 years. He and his family have studied Spanish in a total immersion language program in Xela, Guatemala. Prior to going to Guatemala they assisted in the work in Oaxaca and Mitla, Mexico for 2 months. They have a love and testimony for the work in Latin America. They look forward to continuing their work of sharing the Restored Gospel throughout the world.
I had an experience with the Lord a few years ago at the 70’s reunion about this call. I had gone to one of the services early so that I could have time to meditate and spend time with the Lord. I was just seeking to come into his presence. As I prayed the spirit of the Lord came and rested on me and I felt him sit in the seat next to mine. I asked what I could do for him and he told me that he had called me to be an especial witness for him. This caught me by surprise as this was something I had never considered. I asked him that if this was truly what he wanted of me that he would once again give to me this same experience. This was prior to the Seventy organizing their quorum so I did not see how this could happen. The next day, as I once again went early to the service, the Lord met me there and the experience was repeated. Since that time the Lord has shared with me on many occasions about this call.

Dave Drummond
Dave Drummond was baptized into the church in 1968. In 1975 he married Kathy J.(Carr) Drummond. They have one daughter, Keri, who is married to Timothy Halbrook, and one grandson. Dave was ordained to the office of Deacon in 1978 in Ottumwa Iowa and in 1980 to the office of Elder. He served as presiding Elder in the RLDS Ottumwa Branch n the early 80's, and later in the Ottumwa Restoration Branch for many years. Dave's work has allowed him to travel all around the USA and has given him the opportunity to meet Saints in many areas. Dave is happiest when he is witnessing of Christ, and he looks forward to sharing his testimony of Jesus Christ as a Seventy.

Elias Martinez de Leon
Recently left Community of Christ to join the Restoration Seventy. Elias resides in Mexico and pastors many saints there.

Doug Patterson
Doug Patterson was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. In 1972, his family moved to Buffalo Missouri. There he met Donna Breshears, a 5th generation member of the RLDS Church. They were married in 1976. They have 2 children Diana, David and his wife Ronda. Doug and Donna managed and later owned and operated a moving and storage company for 24 years. He has worked as a carpenter, blacksmith, beekeeper and has raised horses and cattle. Doug was converted and baptized into the Church in 1981. He was called into the Priesthood as a Teacher in 1987; and an Elder in 1991. He has served as a councilor for 6 years, and as Pastor for 8 years. Doug was moved upon by the Lord to become involved in missionary work in 1998, and has been actively involved as a Traveling Elder since that time. Sharing the Gospel in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Liberia, Cameroon, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and throughout the United States, including several Native American Tribes. Doug has also been involved in construction missions, medical missions, supporting a medical clinic, helping to establish schools and assisting orphanages. Currently serving on the board of directors of Hope Restoration Youth Home, in Liberia. He has also been involved in Youth Camps both domestically and internationally.

George Mefferd
George Mefferd was born March 26, 1934 in Rapid City, South Dakota. His father was the only pastor of the RLDS Church in South Dakota during his youth. His mother was a convert to the church. He was ordained a Deacon in 1951, and in Michigan he was ordained to a Priest in 1957 and an Elder in 1959. He served as Pastor in four different congregations and helped to form the Detroit International Restoration Branch in 1988 with approximately 90 members. He was a carpenter in a steel mill until he received his B.S. degree and Masters Degree in Education. He taught school in Dearborn, Michigan for 30 ½ years. Retired in 1991 and moved to Independence. He married Annece Booker in 1955. They have 4 children—Chari Pedersen, Peggy Sherer, Darla Walker, and David Mefferd; 13 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. He brought ministry in Nigeria, West Africa in 1993 and in East Germany in 1998. He was instrumental in calling Hensley Mbanaso to an Elder in 1993. He and his wife traveled extensively throughout the U.S. during the ‘90s seeking to bring ministry to scattered Saints. They worshipped at Colbern Road Restoration Branch in 2009. He is Missionary Co-ordinator and teaches the adult class on being better prepared to witness. He has been actively involved in developing Restoration Tracts. He has always had an interest in witnessing with emphasis on Jesus Christ, The Book of Mormon and the Great and Marvelous Work and the need for Ministry in the Homes. He accepts the call to Seventy in humility and faith.

Jim Noland
Jim is a third generation member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. His interest has always been with missionary work. It is the "life-blood" of the Church. Our Lord gave the commandment to "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature". Jim has traveled throughout the USA, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Liberia, India and Honduras. He was chairman of the Evangelism Committee for the JCRB. During the years he has served in many capacities including Youth Director, Missionary Coordinator, Assistant Pastor and Pastor. In 1966 he was ordained to the office of Priest and then to the office of Elder in 1972. Jim is an Army veteran in the Signal Corps. He is a graduate of Park University with a B.A. degree in Social Psychology. His avocation has been in marriage and family counseling. He holds a Journeyman Tool & Die certificate and was in manufacturing as a Plant Manager for Smoot Company for 18 years and Vice President of Schulze Tool Company until his retirement in 2002. In 1993 Jim and his wife, Bonnie, fulfilled a dream of going to Israel and Egypt where they had the opportunity to distribute 10 Hebrew Book Of Mormons. Jim and Bonnie have been married since 1962, have two daughters, April and Holly, 15 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.

Nathan Sherer
Nathan Sherer was born in Independence, MO to Dan and Peggy Sherer. Nathan attended Oak Valley, a small private restoration school north of Oak Grove. After high school, he joined the Youth Missionary Corps to do missionary work in Oaxaca Mexico. He spent two years on mission, and then attended the University of Central Missouri where he received a degree in Spanish. While Nathan was in college, he served as chaplain for the Restoration Campus Ministries for two years. While at UCM, he studied abroad in Cuernavaca Mexico at the Tec de Monterey. It was at UCM when he found his future love and wife Michelle.
Nathan was ordained to be a Priest in May of 1998 and an Elder in May of 2001. He has served on the pastorate at Atherton Restoration branch and Pastor of La Iglesia de Jesucristo. He is currently a Jr. Partner of Summit Pointe Financial Group. He is blessed with two young children, Kaylee and Eli.

William Baker
William B. Baker is the son of Walter and Jane Baker of Independence, Missouri. He was baptized in 1978, however remained aloof until he was truly converted in March of 2005. His career choice was Law Enforcement, and he served 16 years as an officer of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. His testimony is that the “Law” will never truly change a man. Laws can be changed or manipulated to fit the ills of society. It is the heart of man that must be changed. This only comes in and through the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ, and the reception of the Holy Ghost as his guide. He was ordained to the office of Priest in January of 2006 and an Elder in October of 2009. His wife, Katrina (Campbell) and he left their careers to answer the call of the Lord to labor in His vineyard in the lands of the Lamanites. They are currently laboring in Oaxaca, Mexico and surrounding areas. It is his greatest desire to see the lost restored to the knowledge of their forefathers and the covenants God has made toward them.

Gary Metzger
Gary Metzger converted to the Restoration Movement as a young man and was baptized in November 1980.  He was ordained to the office of Deacon in September 1981, Priest in March 1989, Elder in January 1992, and Seventy in April 2011.  Gary married Maria (Tita) while serving in the ministry in Honduras.  They have three children, a daughter Julissa, and twin boys Gary Joe and Josh.  Gary has a BBA degree in Business Management and a Masters in Business Administration from The Wichita State University; and he has completed some coursework towards a Masters of Arts in Spanish at University of Missouri Kansas City.  Gary has worked in Budgeting, Accounting and Project Controls departments in business, and has taught Spanish at High School and Community College levels.  While doing this, he has also offered missionary work in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, as well as various states in the United States.  Gary’s favorite scripture passage is 1Nephi 3:187; and his hope for the future is the empowering and gathering of the Latin American Saints under the gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the gathering of the segments of the Restoration to begin the foundations for the city of Zion.

Hugh Caldwell
Hugh Caldwell was born in 1958 and raised in Portland Oregon. Shortly after graduating from Santa Clara University, he found the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ and was baptized in 1983 in San Jose, California. The night of his confirmation, he met his future wife, Julie White, thus fulfilling the Lord’s promise: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God…and all these things [such as a companion] shall be added unto you.”  Hugh was ordained to the office of Elder in 1987 and Seventy in 2011; and he gathered to Independence with his family the year following his ordination to Elder. Hugh has ministered in several states and countries, including Nepal, Honduras, Tanzania and Uganda. Since Hugh is self-employed as owner of a floorcare business, he has the flexibility to travel. Other service he has offered to support missionary endeavors, is the writing and production of several tracts and articles for Restoration publications.  Hugh and Julie have been blessed with six children—Jonathan, Rachel, Aaron, Rebekah, Emily and Jared—and one grandson, Tristan.  Hugh looks forward to continued service in the missionary field as a Seventy.